A Man’s Life

Dispatches From Dangerous Places

Mark Jenkins has spent his life seeking out and exploring the world’s most remote wonders--from mountain peaks to isolated villages, dangerous rivers to war-torn nations. Along the way he has not only experienced adventure that most of us will never know, but has also learned rich, complex  lessons about himself and the nature of the world. A Man’s Life shares Mark’s journeys through Afghanistan, Burma, Bhutan, Uganda, Lithuania and dozens of other countries.  

Praised by the New York Times for being able to "[transform] a common sight into a moment of pure magic" and by The Boston Globe for being able to weave "a compelling narrative of muscular beauty and emotional honesty." Mark is one of the rare writers who channels extraordinary experience into lyrical and evocative prose. 

Mark Jenkins, formerly a popular monthly columnist for Outside magazine, is currently the global correspondent for Rodale Press. Besides writing three previous books, The Hard Way, To Timbuktu, and Off the Map, Jenkins is featured in Best American Travel Writing and has written for The Atlantic Monthly, National Geographic,GQ, Playboy, The Washington Post and other media. When he’s not off adventuring, Jenkins lives in Laramie, Wyoming with his wife and two daughters

October 2007 / 1–59486–707–0 / Hardcover / Memoir / $25.95 / 256 pages

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